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10,000s TPS Operating at Scale


 SETL was founded in 2015 to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to the financial services industry.  SETL is led by a team of financial service professionals who have a very wide domain knowledge of the industry and deep expertise in both disruption and innovation.



Regulation: SETL has the expertise to work within highly regulated markets and industries.  SETL's core technology does not use tokens or a crypto-currency and is specifically designed not to support anonymous value transfers.



Capacity: SETL's blockchain technology has been built from the ground up to support tens of thousands of transactions per second across hundreds of millions of separate accounts.  



Security: SETL is ISO 27001 certified. SETL develops and deploys its solutions in accordance with financial services best practices. Its solutions have been deployed as part of a highly regulated critical infrastructure.

Interoperability: SETL's blockchains can interact with ISO (MX) and SWIFT (MT) messages as well as with other industry standard workflow tools such as BPMN2 workflow engines.



Sir David Walker

Sir David began his career in 1961 with Her Majesty’s Treasury and has been a non-executive member of the Court of the Bank of England.

Christian Noyer

Christian Noyer was the Governor of the Banque de France between November 2003 and October 2015.

Phillip Bond

Philip Bond has degrees in finance and worked as an arbitrage, macro trader, and designs systematic computer-driven trading platforms. 


Executive Team

Peter Randall


Philippe Morel


Nicholas Pennington


Anthony Culligan

Chief Engineer

Katherine Kennedy

General Counsel


    By engaging early on in the process of mapping the journey from the prototype to the production systems, clients benefit not only from SETL’s technical expertise but also from SETL’s deep understanding of current financial market infrastructures and market practices.



The SETL blockchain maintains a distributed state using a highly efficient consensus mechanism.  This can be deployed at scale across a widely distributed network to achieve transaction speeds of 10,000s per second


At the heart of the SETL technology is a purpose-developed Big Object Storage System.  Think of this as a highly performant big data store designed specifically for the world of blockchain. It can hold billions of objects organised for provability and immutability.  

Energy Efficient

SETL's blockchain does not rely upon the energy consuming Proof of Work algorithms deployed by other blockchains.   A network of 5 virtual servers using the SETL blockchain may consume no more energy than a couple of lightbulbs 

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Custom Blockchain


Orchestrate activity on the blockchain using industry standard BPMN2 workflows.  No need to learn esoteric languages or to hire expensive blockchain developers.  Workflows are private and allow participants to build their own custom functionality.

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