OpenCSD provides the tools to maintain a membership which, in turn, allows the interaction between owners and issuers. Identity and permissioning are built in.

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Payments and DVP

Payments, liquidity, repos and collateral functions built in. OpenCSD supports banks and payment institutions at the heart of the financial infrastructure.

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High Capacity

SETL's unique technology can handle billions of individual transactions on a daily basis providing a unified approach to ownership and payments.

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Secure Messaging

Authenticated and encrypted messaging between particpants allows for the passing of essential information during the clearing and settlement process.

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Feature Rich

Customise and extend functionality using SETL's secure API.

Fully responsive

Web based interface to allow members and sponsored users to operate their wallets across shared and private blockchains. Comprehensive user permissioning.

Real-time view

Web socket architecture with push notifications allows for real-time uninterrupted view of positions, transactions and cash balances.


Secure Messaging

A built in directory of users and entities allows for secure, authenticated messaging based on public/private key cryptography including ISO and SWIFT.


Functionally rich API allows users to build their own apps to extend and complement the SETL built-in control functions.

Use Cases

SETL's OpenCSD platform can be used in a variety of implementations - both private and co-operative.


Mutual Funds

The maintenance of registers for mutual funds is currently handled in a disparate and bespoke manner depending upon the jurisdiction and the arrangements of the fund management company. OpenCSD could be used to standardise and streamline ownership, issue and redemption records.


Cross Border

Securities which currently trade across different jurisdictions and exchanges are often subject to settlement in local silo's based on currency or technical inflexibility. This can fragment liquidity. OpenCSD provides for the possibility of cross border, multicurrency, settlement operating round the clock.


Private Equity

A bank facilitates both issuers and investors in private equity. As part of that service it maintains a register of investors for each company. OpenCSD provides a fully functional settlement destination which allows for changes in security ownership. It maintains a 'golden record' of transactions and balances and a full history of the company from its inception.


Commercial Invoices

Factoring and discounting of invoices for commercial entities forms an important part of the liquidity environment - particularly for smaller companies. An organised settlement location would allow for a more efficient, less risky and more liquid market to emerge.

OpenCSD is designed to support any kind of arrangement that requires an ownership register and a means of changing that register.

Financial Services Ready

OpenCSD is designed to work within regulated financial environments.


OpenCSD maintains a complete and cryptographically provable record of transactions and balances


Blockchain technology provides for both data and functionality to be distributed for resilience and security.


OpenCSD works with industry standard Global Legal Entity Identifiers and ISO standard messaging.


SETL employs the latest cryptographic techniques in both its blockchain implementations and its messaging and membership structure.


The Executive Team

SETL's OpenCSD platform was developed by industry leaders with decades of experience in payments, trading and setllement.

CEO Peter Randall

Founder and CEO of Chi-X Europe. First Executive Director of Fix Protocol Ltd. 35 Years of financial market Experience

CTO Nicholas Pennington

As CTO, Nicholas Pennington leads the technological development for SETL. Successful track record in financial technology development and implementation

Product CEO Anthony Culligan

Directorships with Robert Fleming Securities, JP Morgan and Aida Capital. Served as CEO at F&C Partners. Worked as programmer, trader, quantiative manager and hedge fund investor.

Director Francois Barthelemy

Served as CEO of Primonial Asset Management. Previously, at Robert Fleming Securities, Morgan Stanley and was a Founder and Senior Partner at F&C Partners. Advisor to CEO's of a number of asset managers.

SETL's executive team is supported by an experienced board of non-executive directors.

Scalable Blockchain Technology

SETL's groundbreaking blockchain engine is at the heart of OpenCSD.


Billions of Transactions

SETL's highly optimised blockchain engine is capable of processing billions of transactions per day across nodes in multiple locations. Capacity is effectively unbounded as SETL's interoperating ledger architecture can distribute the load of transaction processing across co-operating distributed chains.

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Interoperable Ledgers

Assets recorded on one ledger can be transferred to another SETL subject to the permissions of the ledger operators. This allows co-operative but private configurations to be maintained - such as a sub-registry held by a custodian against a nominee holding at a CSD.

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Instant On-boarding

Establishing a distributed ledger could not be easier.

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OpenCSD is available on a subscription basis. Costs will depend upon the configuration you choose and the services surrounding your deployment.

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Deployment could not be simpler. OpenCSD comes with a comprehensive management and permissioning structure. In addition SETL has a range of experienced partners who can plug into your deployment to provide instant services

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SETL in the press

A selection of press comments -

"Computershare and SETL demonstrate Australia’s first working blockchain solution. Joint initiative to establish securities ownership registers using blockchain announced"
28 April 2016
"Sir David Walker joins SETL as Chairman.Sir David Walker is a former Executive Director of the Bank of England and has served as the chairman of Barclays. "
15 December 2015
"SETL breaks through 1 billion transactions per day on blockchain. Our processing capacity now exceeds the volume of every electronic payment made globally on a gross basis"
12 October 2015

Deployment for competitive advantage

Whilst others are talking, the leaders are doing


Provide New Services

Through the use of blockchain technology, financial service companies can kick-start a programme of innovation in the way they service their clients. New products and services in all areas from insurace to trade finance become possible without large cumbersome bespoke systems.


Reduce Costs

The quasi monopolistic position of centralised infrastructure has resulted in high costs for access with reduced incentives for the centralised provider to innovate. OpenCSD, with its flexible and low cost deployment options provides the market with a way of taking advantage of a modern flexible solution .


Capture the ground

While your competitors are on the conference circuit talking about blockchain, you can deploy applications today in a secure and extensible environment. By deploying applications in this exciting new area, you set the standard. Standards are descriptive of what the winners do,


Deploy quickly and securely

Get going without having to commission a large internal IT project. OpenCSD deploys financial grade security and access controls. Blockchain technology has, at its heart, extensibility, resilience and transaction by transaction authentication.

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